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Adva Oscilloquartz

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Adva Oscilloquartz Tri Tower Telecom
Adva Tri Tower Telecom

Tri Tower Telecom Can Help

Tri Tower offers cutting edge timing equipment through

Adva’s Oscilloquartz product line.

Adva's Oscilloquartz, a leader in high-quality network and application timing technology for over 70 years, was founded in 1949 in the heart of Switzerland’s watchmaking region. Oscilloquartz is a company with unrivaled experience in the development and manufacture of affordable synchronization systems for service providers.

Oscilloquartz always has been ahead of the rest when it comes to keeping their customers in sync. From leading the way with network timing innovation throughout the second half of the 20th Century to joining forces with Adva in 2014, they have continued to provide unique differentiators while enabling smooth evolution across multiple generations of timing technology.


  • All of the newest technologies in timing

  • Updated PTP product family (OSA 5400 series) – both modern and scale-able

  • Service contracts are a fraction of the cost of other timing manufacturers

  • Set your network up for the future – PTP and other protocols can be added over time

  • Completely modern Telecom BITS clock capable of supporting all next generation timing technologies required by packet transport networks (Sync-E, NTP, PTP and Network Probing)

  • Put your GNSS-based PTP Grandmaster clock on an SFP Form Factor

oscilloquartz product line overview.jpg
OSA 3230B TPT 1.png

OSA 3230B

Cesium primary reference clock (PRC/ePRC) Meet ITU-T G.811/Stratum 1 PRC and G.811.1 ePRCspecifications. 
Ideal for back-up of GNSS in ePRTC applications

OSA 5430
OSA 5440

Modular, high-performance IEEE 1588v2 PTP core grandmaster, NTP server and SSU supporting l0Gbit/s as well as lGbit/s interfaces. Ultimate scalability, with a carrier-class fully redundant design

OSA 5430 5440.png
OSA 5410 5420 TPT.png

OSA 5410 Series
OSA 5420 Series

Family of IEEE 1588v2 PTP synchronization distribution, testing and assurance devices, with NTP server and GNSS receiver and multiple sync fanout options for deployment at the radio access network edge. Also ideal for deployment in legacy networks

OSA 5401

SFP-based PTP grandmaster, boundary and slave clock designed for deployment deep in the radio access network, enabling you to upgrade legacy systems with IEEE 1588v2 PTP and Synchronous Ethernet functionality 


OSA 5401.png
OSA 5405 - I - O TPT.png

OSA 5405-I
OSA 5405-O

PTP grandmaster and GNSS receiver with a revolutionary dual GNSS antenna to deliver accurate small cell synchronization without the need for a clear sky view. Two variants for indoor and outdoor installations 

Ensemble Controller
Ensemble Sync Director 

Advanced platform for reliable, secure and user­friendly management and surveillance of ADVA FSP and OSA networks, with full FCAPS support. 
Sync Director extension for timing delivery management and sync assurance 

Professional Sync Services and OSA Sync
Ensemble Controller and Sync

Professional sync services 
OSA Sync Survey 

To identify existing and potential problems, helping you take control of your synchronization performance and make major savings. 
Sync Director GNSS Assurance provides analytic tool for monitoring and analysis of GNSS status and reliability 

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