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Celebrating Ken Johnson as the 2023 Kilcarr Award Recipient

It is with great joy and a deep sense of gratitude that we announce the recipient of the 2023 Kilcarr Award, an honor bestowed upon a team member who personifies the values of integrity, quality, and reliability that were so close to the heart of our late colleague and dear friend, TJ Kilcarr.  

The Kilcarr Award holds a special place in our hearts as it serves as a lasting tribute to the legacy of TJ Kilcarr who left an indelible mark on our organization from 2015 until his passing in 2022. TJ's unwavering commitment to our values set the standard for excellence and inspired all who had the privilege of working alongside him. In continuing this tradition, we are thrilled to announce Ken Johnson, Senior Director of Operations, as the deserving recipient of the 2023 Kilcarr Award.  

Ken embodies the essence of integrity, quality, and reliability in every aspect of his work. His dedication to upholding the principles that define us as a company has not only contributed to our team's success but has left a lasting impact on our organizational culture. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ken for this well-deserved recognition.  

As we celebrate Ken's achievements, we also reflect on the values that unite us as a team and the legacy of TJ Kilcarr. Together, we honor the past and embrace the future.  

Congratulations, Ken, and thank you for embodying the spirit of the Kilcarr Award!


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