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Facilitating Global Connectivity and Expanding Horizons in Greater Rochester

In a recent “Geared for Growth” segment, CEO Alex Whitaker and Vice President of Business Development Dan Farrance engaged in a discussion about the company's endeavors. The conversation delved into Tri Tower Telecom's history, its pivotal role in empowering the internet, assisting clients, and its envisioned contribution to the future of the Greater Rochester region. 

Established in 2009 by Whitaker and Walter Van Leuven in Rochester, the company has evolved from a humble basement startup to a 40-member team serving approximately 1,200 clients globally. Whitaker reminisced about the early days, mentioning that their first "employee" was his business partner's cat. The duo proudly shared news of their recent acquisition of a 55,000-square-foot facility in Rochester, aimed at facilitating further expansion and improved service for both new and existing clients. 

Tri Tower Telecom specializes in providing telecom solutions that facilitate seamless data transfer across various connected objects. Farrance highlighted the company's role in repurposing customer's excess equipment as part of a green initiative, thereby improving network speed and sustainability. Beyond daily efforts to address outages and ensure continuous connectivity, the company undertakes significant projects assisting clients in managing large-scale data transportation. 

Looking ahead after fifteen years of substantial growth, including recognition on the Greater Rochester Chamber Top 100 list and the Inc. 5000 rankings, Whitaker expressed the company's interest in expanding its network within the Greater Rochester region. Emphasizing a focus on local growth, he mentioned the potential for expansion in the area. Farrance added that they are also keen on extending their reach to telecommunications providers outside the region, identifying Florida and Texas as regions with promising growth opportunities. 

To fuel this expansion, Farrance revealed the company's continuous hiring initiative, stating that they are actively looking for new talent. Emphasizing Tri Tower's positive work culture, he encouraged individuals to explore career opportunities within the organization by visiting TTT's career page.

For more insights into the growth and contributions of Greater Rochester Chamber members, viewers can tune in to FOX Rochester every Wednesday morning at 8:45 AM to catch all segments of Geared for Growth


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